More than a year ago two bikers

were killed and one seriously injured when a vehicle collided head-on with them. The vehicle was travelling totally on the wrong side of the road. On Saturday 2011-11-19 a well represented huge group of bikers gathered to require some answers from the authorities in this case.

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I travelled to Kimberley with my Landrover Defender 110 Puma SW on 2011-11-16 and back on 2011-11-18. On my way to Kimberley I saw this tremendously huge part of a giant tipper. It was parked in Potchefstroom. In Kimberley I saw a very long empty biltong truck. I travelled at steady speed of 120km/h with the landrover and om my way there I had a strong cross wind. Fuel consupmtion was 10.8 km/l, On my way back it was 37 degrees in Kimberley but got cooler and rainy towards Pretoria. I managed 11km/l.

James Jamieson


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November 2011

See the photo of sunrise in Pretoria on the morning of
departure. We are blessed bikers.

And so the time has come to depart. Our trip to Sannieshof
was a reality. Six bikes and 9 bikers were on their way.  Just after 08:00 on Saturday morning we
departed from the CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) Menlyn’s clubhouse near
the Atterburry off ramp in Eastern Pretoria.

We were riding towards Magaliesburg to first have a breakfast
before we hit the road again. We stopped at the Wimpy for a really good breakfast.
After breakfast, three bikers returned due to other obligations. This was
Hector and Corina Jamieson on their BMW K1200S and Francois Verdoes on a Honda CBR1000
Fire Blade. The rest of the group now consisted of Basti and Erna Van Rooyen,
CMA Menlyn on their Yamaha Super Tenere 1200, Jan and Michelle Bakker, CMA
Silverton on their BMW 1200 GS,Elize Jamieson on her BMW 1200 GS and James
Jamieson on his BMW 1200 GS Adventure. James and Elize are both from CMA
Pretoria East.

The road, the N14, was actually very nice with minimal road
works.  There were only two stops –
luckily for us the GO / STOP sign were on GO on both occasions. We could only
keep on riding. We experienced quite a bit of wind and sometimes had to lean
hard against the wind from the side, but we also loved it as we are full
blooded bikers. Me and Elize just chat more on our bike to bike intercom if the
wind is so strong.

In Ventersdorp at a garage we met the Du Toit  family with the little ones very interested in
the motorbikes, the little ones took turns sitting on the iron-horses (photo

We arrived in Sannieshof just after 13:30 and we stayed with
Louis and Albert Smit. Thanks to them to avail their house for use to sleep
over. The mother of the house Marika was out of town on official business but
placed us in the safe hands of husband Louis.

The afternoon was very relaxed and in the evening we had a
very relaxing braai with salad and rolls. The next morning we attended a church
service in Vermaas at the  “
Gereformeerde Kerk”. We received an extremely inspiring word from “Dominee”
Albert Coetsee. It is unbelievable what depth still exist amongst the
population in the rural areas.  This was
a wonderful experience (see photos).  The
“susters” of the congregation prepared snacks for us, the way that only real
South African “plattelanders” can do it. After enjoying some of these delicious
snacks  we were on our way back to
Pretoria. A BIG word of thank you to Basti, Erna, Jan & Michelle for all
the arrangements. What a memorable outing this was.

We travelled 677 kilometers at an average speed of 140KM/h
to and from. I also filmed the route to Sannieshof with my helmet cam. It is
about 15 Gig of video film. The four 1200 bikes performed like the dream
machines they are.  The GS of Elize got
20km/liter and my adventure got 17.85km/liter. The average age of the group was
50.33 years. Sanniesfof is in the old Western Transvaal of South Africa, now
called the North-West Province.

Blessed Biker Greetings from James and Elize Jamieson








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Riviera on Vaal

I recently had the privilege on 3 and 4 November 2011 to stay at this beautiful place for a work related matter. It was a tremendous difficult matter to resolve. On the morning prior to dealing with the matter I prayed intensively and read Hebrews 13:5 from the amplified Bible. I can now only testify unconditionally that Jesus walked with me this day and did good to me beyond my dreams. It is indeed true that He will never, never forsake you. Thks Lord.

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Trip to Sannieshof – coming weekend: 5-6 Nov 2011

Watch this space for info and fotos on our up coming trip.  A group of CMA motorcyclist will depart this coming Saturday to Sannieshof and returning on Sunday after attending a church service.


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