Kruger National Park – December 2011


Our Kruger National Park Story

The Kruger National Park, MPUMALANGA, one of the  few places where my husband and I can recharge our “batteries”.  There is nothing like being close to nature  and experience nature first-hand and everything that was created by God.

The cry of a Fish Eagle before sunset, to wake up in the middle of the night by the sound of roaring lion and also hear the cry
of hyenas. What better can one asked for? What an awesome view to experience the sunrise just after five o’clock in the morning over the bushveld, what an
awesome sight.

My husband and I had the privilege to spend 5 days in the Kruger National Park during the first week of December 2011, camping with our CONQUEROR Comfort off-road trailer in Skukuza camp. We entered the Park at the Crocodile bridge gate. We prefer to camp in Skukuza because the stands is quite big and there is a lot of stands to choose from.

Our rides during these 5 days took us to Tshokwane, Satara, Olifantscamp, Pretoruiskop, Afsaal and Lower-Sabie. We also explored  quite a few gravel roads with our Land Rover Defender Puma. Our experience was that we did not see as much animals on the gravel roads as on the tar roads,

however, we were lucky enough to see the BIG FIVE.

On our way from Pretoriuskop we took the S26 (gravel), here we were fortunate enough to see a pack of wild dogs lying in the grass next to the road. We also saw a leopard on the road between Skukuza and Tshokwane. We say a pack of 7-10 hyenas just when we exit Skukuza camp at the
big crossing.

My most awesome experience was all the baby-animals we saw: elephants, rooibok, giraffe, hippo, apes, baboons and vlakvark.

As I have said, we stayed in Skukuza camp. The apes visited the camp everyday around 12:00 o’clock and again round-about 16:00-16:30. They were always looking for something to eat, so they searched every campsite and exactly knew how to open stuff.

One day I was sitting on my camping chair taking photos of birds with my back toward the entrance of our Conqueror, not more than 1 meter from the door. My husband was taking a nap inside. I heard something inside and my first thought was that my husband was getting up. I heard something again and when looked around, there was the ape, sitting inside the tent looking my strait in the eyes. Luckily he did not damage or take anything. I walked around the tent banging on the outside and the ape fled. I had a big fright.

I wish we had more time to explore the entire Kruger National Park. There is so much more to see. The Kruger National Park will certainly see us again. It was so wonderful just to get away from the rat-race in the cities.

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