A Windgat Breakfast-Run

We had one hell of a windgat breakfast run
this morning (12 Aug 2012). Windgat cos the wind gooi-ed us all over the place
as it came from all 16 wind directions. Windy August as the older (older than
me cos 53 means I’m still a sterk seun) people say. The wind was flippin cold
as it cut through the everyday biker attire, if you didn’t have ouma’s jersey
and a lang onderbroek as under layer. We were about 16 brave bikers with a few
chicks (wifes & meisies) between us who all met at Café Bugatti’s in Menlyn
Retail Park for departure. We were also joined by two new faces; one dude on a
R1 and the other one on a blerry beautiful Italian machine…MV Agusta
Brutale….the big one. We rode to a well-known destination in the Moot (Waverly
PTA) called Oppi Plaas. The ride was good except for the occasional skelm wind
that surprised you at times. The ouke leading group got even more windgat as he
opened up in the corners to try and get the “chicken strips” off the knee pads
on his full leathers….probably the weather that made him do it.

Oppi Plaas is a lekke plek with a genuine Afrikaner boere atmosphere.

Truly felt as if we were on some Vrystaat boer’s
farm. The guys that didn’t have a proper breakfast at home filled up their
tanks with the “Billie Breakfast”. True to its name as only a boere antie can
prepare it….pap & kaiings included. My wife and I finished up & headed
to Harties to stretch the GS’s legs. My son phoned us later and informed me of
the unfortunate incident that one of the guys had. He bought a piece of tar
close to home as he put down his BMW800ST. All because of some simple groot
klip that waited for him in one of the slap-draaie close to his home. Praise
God the man’s okay. Poor bike got a lot of cosmetic damage. Some of the guys
rode out to assist him and made sure he got home safe. He’s a true biker,
riding his boney everyday to work in Isando. So they striped all the damaged
plastics so that the bike can be ridden without all those irritating rattles of
damaged plastics. The beemer somme looks like a bikini model now with the
engine exposed….only the bare essentials to cover the important parts.

Anyways, it was a lekke day that we all
enjoyed…even the ouke that crashed cos God spared his life and the beemer can
still ride.

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An Aprillia in need ….

On our way to our weekly Saturday morning
(07:00) gathering, I spotted the stranded Aprillia & rider in Atterbury
drive (east). In winter this means we get to see the “polar bears” responsible
for bringing the winter chills to the Highveld. I was urged by the “biker
brotherhood” instinct that lies rooted deep within all true bikers to make a
u-ey, and go assist the stranded “brother”. “Fernando” the gentleman introduced
himself as I parked on the sidewalk next to him with the big BMW Adventure.

Turned out the Italian beaute fell victim to the popular bike gogga….”leaving the park lights on”. I’m on the verge of
becoming an oubaas, which meant the body fought against push-starting this beaute.
So I picked up the trusted cell phone and called for back-up. Within minutes my
son and his friend were there….the young oukes with the elasticity & muscle
to push-start the Aprillia. It seemed as Fernando had his gym attire on….and
blerry goodness did they get a workout or what. As they took turns sitting on
the monster while the others did the pushing, they eventually ran out of descents.

Quick biker-to-biker brainstorming had the
young oukes pushing the Aprillia up in Atterbury to the Shell garage. I rode
ahead to go & organise the jumpers. No jumpers at the Shell had me running
to a fellow African from Mozambique who was busy filling up. The man gave me
jumpers in its rawest of raw forms……two cables, no “knypers” at the ends; just
cables with exposed wire on each end.

In no time the beemer had the Italian stallion idling, bringing to live the magnificent RSV4 motor.

A sound amplified by a carbon tip Ackropovic exhaust. What a pleasure it was to help a fellow biker
and as the biker saying goes; “we never leave a brother behind”. Hopefully the
“parking-light” gogga won’t strike again.





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