CMA stands for Christian Motorcyclists Association and was established in the mid 1970’s in the USA by John Ogden and in South Africa on 10 October 1980 by Rene Changuion. It is a non-profit interdenominational organisation dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CMA is an international motorcycle ministry, active in more than 30 countries around the world and is actively working in other parts of the world to aid in the establishment and growth of new CMA countries.


Their vision is to reach one of the most unreached people groups on the planet-the motorcyclists or bikers as some call us. Motorcyclists are often labelled as rebels, nonconformists, lawless, dare devils and adventure seekers.



CMA is a ministry that understands what makes bikers of all creeds, races and kinds “tick”. We have men and woman who comes from all walks of life. We care for you as a motorcyclist, because Jesus cares. You will find them at motorcycle events; rallies, races, track schools and off-road….Wherever there are two wheels and people; we love going. Half the fun is getting there. This is another reason why they ride, they love bikes! They understand the joy of just touring and cruising or hanging out with their friends in the highways and byways all over the world. Motorcycles and riding bikes are not only their passion but also one of their ministry tools and they have an unrivalled passion for motorcyclists. Riding with the CMA will enable you to ride with joy, ride for a purpose and share the lifestyle with others. The CMA is active in all styles of motorcycling, from adventure riding, touring, commuting and track riding to motocross and racing. Regardless of what you ride when, there will always be a CMA family member to support you.

Whether you are a student, family, single, young or old – If you are an occasional rider or a biking commuter…CMA has a place for you.

For the ride of your life…..Come ride with them, come home.

Written with permission from CMA South Africa

By: Hector a dedicated CMA member and Riding for the Son every day.


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My wife has been riding her BMW R1150R motorcycle for little more than a year now and loves riding as often as possible. Coming from a BMW F800ST she’s found that the “R’s” power is the raw & brutal kind…unlike the “ST’s” smooth power delivery and acceleration. Hence the decision was taken to start looking at motorcycles that’s a bit more “lady-like” and that’ll tick every box on her checklist and also something that’s capable of accompanying my BMW R1150GS on tour.


When it comes to motorcycles, the BMW dealers are probably one of the best in terms of after sales service. In particular Bavarian Motorcycles (Bavarian) in Centurion, Gauteng….according to us they are simply the best. As we walked in the door….we saw it, and it saw us….love at 1st sight. A “army/camo  green”, eye catching BMW G650GS, ready to go to a new home…our home. Finding  an honest salesman is sort of trying to find some sort of endangered species….that’s how hard they are to find, but that’s what we like about the sales team at Bavarian. They tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear…giving it to you straight. This 2011 650 was in immaculate condition with those twin tail pipes giving it a very pretty “butt”….and in that unique original paint job we learned that it was exclusive as well. Only six G650’s came to South Africa in that colour.


The G650GS is a 650cc single cylinder, twin spark, chain driven motorcycle. At 192kg with a full fuel tank it’s extremely light and surprisingly agile. In my opinion probably one of the best value for money BMW motorcycles you’ll get. The 650cc engine delivers 35Kw (48bhp) and 60Nm of torque with a 5 speed gearbox that’ll take you to 170km/h….the only way you’ll see 200km/h on this is if you’re riding it down a mine shaft. But then again if it is speed that you want, buy a superbike. All jokes aside…. The upright seating position (780mm seat height) on this endure styled machine is very comfortable and the bike almost has a youthful stature. It has a 14litre fuel tank with 4 litre reserve, and depending on how heavy your throttle hand is, you easily get a fuel consumption of between 25-30km/L. The cast aluminium wheels are wrapped in 110/80 R19 rubber at the front and 140/80 R17 at the rear to help you keep the black stuff on the black stuff. The hydraulic manually adjustable spring pre-load and re-bound suspension on this bike is an absolute charm with 170mm of spring travel at the front and 165mm at the rear….unless you are planning to do some serious “off-roading” it is more than enough.


This stunning green machine that we’re purchasing comes equipped with; hand guards, crash bars, headlight protector, Sertao mud deflector, heated grips, ABS and a 35 litre saddle bag.


By: Pavlovski


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Gauteng is probably one of the provinces in South Africa with the most bikers and motorcycle events. In the capital, Pretoria there is close to a 100 motorcycle clubs of which about 70 are members of the Pretoria Biker Council (PBC). Being in a CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) chapter who is part of the PBC, we have the opportunity to attend many of the motorcyclist gatherings. There are so many events that you can almost attend one every day of the week.

One of these events, called a “Day Jol” that we attended recently was great fun. It was held on one of the sports terrains of the police service in the North of Pretoria. We rode about 35 kilometres from the East of Pretoria to attend this event and arrived there just as the gates opened. Entry for these events average about R60 per person and includes a metal/cloth badge and a lucky draw ticket.




Initially it was all very relaxing but as the day progressed and the temperature soared to 35°C more bikers from all over Pretoria and surrounding areas arrived….and no later did the “burn-outs” and dounuts” start. The DJ eventually “unfroze” and soon the music was pumping and the smells that filled the air from all the food stalls teased the taste buds. One of these food stalls even sold hamburgers for which there were different fillings available for the burger patties (sounds very weird, yet interesting).As we walked through the site and all the stalls we noticed many bikes with very unique custom paint jobs and even a few URAL bikes with side cars and even a hearse used by one of the clubs to transport their refreshments, gazebo and chairs.


There was also a mobile DYNO on which the guys could put their bikes to compare quarter-mile times and power output. By 12:00 the festivities were running at full speed with a tyre throwing completion, drinking competition, arm wrestling and many other competitions….and was all ended with a prize giving ceremony and huge braai (barbeque in layman’s terms) for supper. And for those who took in too much of the “strong stuff”, facilities were available to sleep it all off till the next morning.


Unfortunately I only had my mobile phone at hand to take some pics.

It is always great fun to attend these events that can draw up to a thousand or more bikers. We are looking forward to the next Day Jol.

By: Pavlovski

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We are absolutely crazy about leather products….the feel, texture and the smell. One needs to be picky when it comes to leather products. Firstly the product needs to be made from genuine leather and secondly, it needs to be properly and neatly stitched or put together. With the exception of hiking boots, we generally prefer a boot made from genuine leather. And the same goes for handbags, belts, sheaths for knives and multi tools, magazine holders and fire arm holsters. Now of all the afore mentioned there are an extensive range of products on the market made from other materials of which some are better suited for its intended purpose…for example the range of CR-Speed pistol and magazine holsters. All I am saying is that when you go for leather products, go for the real thing. And even more so if it can be custom made according to your specifications. A few months ago I was fortunate to meet a man who does just that…..custom leather products.


Chris can make custom make a leather belt for you with your choice of length, width and buckle. He is so proud of his work that he guarantees his work for 5 years and will replace/repair anything hand made by him free of charge. He will also make a wide variety of holders/leather pouches on order. He works with raw 100% genuine leather to give you the perfect product. Because he does everything the old-school way and by hand there is generally a 4-6 week waiting period from the date of order. I’ve recently purchased some products from him and am immensely impressed by the workmanship and quality….and even more by the affordability of his products.

You can e-mail or phone Chris during office hours at; or (012) 421-0175

By: Pavlovski

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Momentos – Fochville

Momentos – Fochville

Being a guy who likes to take to the open road at any given opportunity, myself and two mates decided to ride to an idyllic restaurant in the far west of the Gauteng province. We felt it necessary to “stretch the legs” on our bonies and get some mileage on them. After a short discussion on what route to take earlier that week, we met up close to the Waterkloof Air force Base in the East of Pretoria at 06:00 on a cool Sunday morning. As usual I was on my ever trusty BMW R1150GS and the mates were each on their three cylinder 2.3litre Triumph Rockets. I had the GPS and was tasked to ride at the lead. Helmets & gloves on and off we went…. We rode around the Air force base to finally end up on the N14 highway to Krugersdorp and cruising at a “chilled-out” speed of 120km/h. This gave optimal fuel consumption on all our bikes and helped to keep the highway patrol or as they are more commonly referred to, “The Metro” at bay. We stayed on the N14 through a picturesque Krugersdorp and soon turned onto the R28 route heading to Randfontein. Riding through Randfontein, one could not help but notice that it seemed only a shadow of its booming days a little more than 20yrs ago. Nevertheless, we were soon riding through one of the mining settlements called Westonaria before we turned off and were on the road running to Potchefstroom in the North West province. We soon had to switch from “cruise mode” to “alert mode” when we got to a long section on the road with numerous road works and chevron boards channelling you in a different direction ever so often. We safely navigated through this minor obstacle and no sooner did the lady on the GPS speak in her British accent to tell us we were in Fochville. Now, either I am a bit technologically disabled or the auntie on the GPS has limited skill, but I was unable to find our final destination on the GPS when I programmed the route to the GPS. So into Fochville we rode searching for a restaurant named “Momentos”. Eventually and after a few “u-turns” we were forced to do something that’s totally against “guy-code”…..and that was to stop and ask for direction (the ladies at home will off-cause never hear of this). Turns out my “built-in GPS” had us heading in the right direction and after receiving direction from an extremely helpful petrol attendant and 144 kilometres later we soon arrived at Momentos. It is a truly iconic place situated next to a small body of water and sort of makes you feel as if you are in a small village somewhere in Europe.


Inside the place is filled with old memorabilia on shelves and lots of stuff from days gone by. From an old coal stove and juke box, to old record players, radios, irons, dinky toys etc. For a R100 we enjoyed a buffet breakfast like no other and were even allowed to go dish up for 2nd’s and 3rd’s. We rode to Momentos on invitation from the Christian Motorcyclists Association’s (CMA) Randfontein chapter who held a “Day-Jol” there to raise funds for the printing & spreading of Bibles and the production and screening of “The Jesus film” that’s shown to villagers in remote parts of Africa. It was a huge privilege to spend the day with brothers & sisters from the motorcycle community. It is most certainly a place that will see us three again and surely was worth the 280 kilometres we did for the day.

By: Pavlovski

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