Close Encounter

 So this morning was the 1st time in months that I decided to ride with my DRIFT helmet-cam to record my daily commute on the bike. Since I became a father just over a year ago I drastically adjusted my riding style, sticking to the speed limit and not taking the crazy chances I use to.

Riding casually to work this morning at 06:30, I had a chat with the Lord to simply thank Him for all our blessing. As I shifted the gears downward to stop at the traffic light, I came to a roll-stop behind a C-class Mercedes. Letting my mind wander towards the “nothing box” to simply clear my mind before work (while maintaining focus on the road off-cause), I became very aware of the clear voice that told me to keep on rolling and move from behind the Merc to stop next to it to wait for the traffic light to turn green.

All of a sudden I heard a loud smashing noise and saw the Merc launch forward. I immediately looked in my rear view mirror and saw that a truck smashed into the back of the Merc…and I got it all on video(talk about scary). I knew then that the voice I heard was God using the Holy Spirit to speak to me, and He kept my safe. It could have been a horrific accident if I was sandwiched between the truck and the Merc. I am not a panel beater But I reckon the Merc is a right-off. Never under estimate the power of those short prayer where we ask God to keep us safe on the roads. He kept me & my BMW R1150GS safe, to continue to ride for Him.

Wow…God is good!!!

By: Hector Jamieson


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Setting the BMW R1150GS/A Record

A group of “die-hard” bikers….the BMWR1150GS/A Owners group of South Africa had one of their enthusiastic get-togethers on Saturday 8 November at the Beestekraal Station just outside Brits.


But let’s start at the beginning. When planning for this casual event (and here I must stress that with I casual I mean 10 guys having a braai and enjoying some cold ones)it was soon discovered that there are much of these old bikes on the road than originally thought and thus the decision was made by Ras & Brian aka “Da PEEG” to attempt to break the South African record set for The Most R1150GS/A’s gathered at one spot.

DSC_1767 DSC_1584 DSC_1590   DSC_1733

The exciting process of organizing and advertising this mass gathering commenced with tremendous enthusiasm on social media. Bavarian Motorcycles Centurion jumped on this boxer engine band-wagon to help make it a success and give their support to these dedicated BMW motorcycle owners. “D-day” finally arrived on 8 November 2014 and in the early morning hours the guys started to arrive at the Beestekraal Station with riders coming from the low-veld, Highveld and as far as Durban. All of these legendary bikes are at least ten years old and deeply loved for their reliable service by all who ride them…from the oldest rider at 72 years to the youngest rider at 23 years old. These guys have an acquired taste for “old-school” and will go to hell and back on their two wheeled tanks. Many of these bikes had well over 100 000 kilometers on the clock with one rider’s odo reading at 200 100 kilometers. We were in good company and the high spirits was matched only by all the humour and tall tales that were shared as some of the “old manne” shared their encyclopedic knowledge with the rest of us.

When the moment finally arrived to line-up all the bikes, they totalled 57 BMW R1150GS/A’s smashing the former record of 27. And then it hit me like a brick…..looking at these perfectly lined up machines that this was a mass gathering of epic proportions. Not only of these legendary bikes of their owners, a bunch of guys who defines the term “genuine character”.


The BMW R1150GS/A’s owners would like to express their thanks and gratitude to Bavarian Motorcycles Centurion who did a splendorous job of providing the guys with some fantastic prizes. And Beestekraal Station for the venue and top-notch scrumptious meals and Kokoriba for overnight facilities.


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By: Hector Jamieson

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