Being a fitness and health conscious person I like to stay active and I am particularly fond of road running. I believe that running is one of the most effective cardio exercises one can do-some might disagree with this statement but it works for me.

Anyway….key to enjoying one’s running, is doing it in the right shoes. By this I mean getting a shoe that provides the most effective support to your foot and joints while running. Running shoes are engineered with different impact and cushioning zones to protect joints like the knee while providing maximum comfort and enhancing your running experience. No matter what your running need is, there is a shoe for you.


For me that shoe came in the form of the Asics Gel-Keyano and now the Asics GT-1000. The Asics GT-1000 does feel like a softer shoe and is definitely lighter than the Keyano’s (purely how I am experiencing it-personal opinion). But I made the transition due to my decreased running mileage per week. I also no longer do half-marathons but only 10km and 5km races. And for these the lighter and softer GT-1000’s are perfect for me. I’ve run with various shoes from other manufactures and for me the shoes from the Asics stable best meet the needs I have. I must emphasise again that I am no running guru and that this is merely my personal opinion.


I do however recommend that you visit your nearest dedicated running store for expert advice before you take to the road with the wrong shoes and injure yourself.

Keep on running and continue to push yourself for that extra kilometre……

By: Pavlovski


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