Motorcycle Essentials – Touring

In our many years of motorcycle travels all over South Africa and to countries such as Lesotho, Namibia and Botswana we’ve learned through trial and error which equipment is essential for most bike trips. Here is a list of some basics you can look at when saddling up your bike for that dream holiday with you motorcycle as your only companion to explore the freedom of the open road and unbeaten tracks with

  • Well ventilated helmet with a high safety rating. Arai, Schubert, Shoei and AGV are some of the helmets you can look at.


  • Well ventilated gloves for summer riding or properly insulated waterproof glove for winter riding. Some of the companies manufacturing good gloves are, but not limited to BMW, Triumph, Richa, AlpineStar and IXS

dianese gloves

  • Comfortable all-round motorcycle specific boot with decent ankle, shin and toe protection. Most all-round boots are usually waterproof as well. Some of the companies manufacturing good riding boots are, but not limited to BMW, Richa, Forma, SIDI, Dianese and Xpd


  • A good all-weather motorcycle jacket with good ventilation, enough pockets and long enough to cover your entire lower back. It is essential that the jacket not only have foam padding but decent…..padding on the back, shoulders and forearms. Some of the companies manufacturing good motorcycle jackets are, but not limited to BMW, Triumph, Richa and IXS
  • The same goes for riding pants with good hip, knee and shin protection. Companies manufacturing good riding pants are, but not limited to BMW, Triumph, Richa and IXS

BMW suit

  • Thermal underwear as base layer for cooler conditions. Something with a climate controlling membrane such as First Ascent, CapeStorm and K-Way
  • Thermal gloves to provide that extra layer of warmth
  • Buff to keep your throat warm and protected from bugs
  • At least two pairs of comfortable riding socks
  • Rain jacket and pants if your motorcycle jacket & pants are not waterproof. Look at something that can easily be slipped over your gear within minutes.
  • Ear plugs to subdue the buffeting of the wind against your helmet
  • Photochromatic sunglasses with lenses that change colour depending on the light conditions. Also look at glasses with interchangeable lenses for the different light conditions. Look at brands such as Oakley, RUDY PROJECT and BMW.
  • GPS that you can operate with your bike gloves. Look at GARMIN & TOMTOM
  • A quick drying, super absorbent shower towel that when folded up is no larger than 30cm in length.
  • Wet wipes that can get the hands and strategic parts of the body squeaky clean if there’s no water.
  • At least one roll of toilet paper
  • Headlamp – to pitch camp or fix your bike in the dark. LED Lenser makes some of the best headlamps you can get. Also have a look at Zartek and TrailBoss
  • A hat to protect your face and neck from the sun when your helmet is off.
  • A thin mattress or compact stretcher that will give you a good night’s rest without taking up too much space. Look at brands such as First Ascent, K-Way and ATG.

atg stretcher atg-camp-sleeper

  • Sleeping bag – make sure the temperature grading is sufficient for where you are going. Most modern sleeping bags are also waterproof and keep in mind that you need something that can roll/fold up as small as possible to compensate for the limited space on a bike. Look at K-Way, First Ascent, Deuter and 360°
  • Tent – Look at a compact, lightweight and well ventilated tent of about 1.7-2kg. Most decent tents are double-walled and can stand in water of 10-20cm deep. Look at brands such as E3 Gear, First Ascent, MSR and K-Way.


  • Lightweight compact kettle, cooking set and gas stove
  • Tarpaulin – this is something to consider if you have some space to spare on your bike. This slightly bulky item will provide extra shade, cover for your bike or serve as groundsheet.
  • Emergency Kit
  • Basic tool kit that will include the following; tow rope, Pratley putty, puncture repair kit, air compressor, multi tool and a CRUZ tool kit with all the essential for your bike.

CRUZ Tools

  • Solar battery pack that can charge your phone and other essentials
  • Cash
  • Enough cargo straps to securely tie down all your kit


Depending on your destination and distance to travel your list might be longer or shorter. Also note that the brands referred to is not necessarily the best or only brands on the market but rather the brands the Jamiesons have used over the years and found to work best for their specific needs.

As a final thought, it is advisable that you always inform family and/or friends of the route you are traveling and estimated times of arrival. This is specifically important when traveling alone and will enable rescue parties to find you quickly should anything go wrong and quite frankly this might save your life.


By: Hector Jamieson

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Emergency Survival Kit

Whenever one leaves the comfort of your home or travel to places that are a far cry from civilisation you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Always pack & prepare as if you are packing for the “worst case scenario”. What you take with you may greatly vary depending on what you travel with, who you travel with and where you are traveling to.

But here’s a list of some survival equipment to give you a basic list to work from the next time you are preparing for your adventure. Please note that the list is not in any specific order of importance;


  • Rehydrate or something similar to put back essential electrolytes in case of diarrhoea.
  • Charcoal capsules or something similar that will remove toxins from your digestive system
  • Pain killers/pills
  • Savlon or a similar disinfectant
  • Mecurochrome or something similar that will keep a wound sealed & dry
  • Roll of bandage
  • Few pieces of Band-Aid
  • Pocket knife and/or multi-tool
  • Flint – to start a fire with
  • Handsaw – usually a piece of thinly twisted steel cable(approximately 30-40cm) with a key ring on either end
  • Fishing line and two hooks
  • Packet of Peanuts (150-300g) – or a similar food source with a long expiry date that will put back essential basic vitamins and energy back in your body.
  • Space blanket – also known as thermal or emergency blanket
  • Cable ties
  • Water purifying tablets
  • Plastic bag
  • Compass


It is vital that all the above be packed in an air & water tight container.

In extreme survival conditions your priorities should as follow;

  1. Scan the area and determine the direction you need to head in order to get rescued for example East or North.
  2. Find water – other than the obvious sources you can also look near vegetation, inside bamboo, dig on the outside bend of dry river beds….these are some of the many sources of water (purify it by boiling, filtration or water purifying tablets). An average person can survive 3 days without water.
  3. Shelter to protect you from the elements – the terrain will determine the type of shelter required ( e.g. swamp, desert, forest etc.)
  4. Fire to stay warm, boil water, cook food and keep animals at bay.
  5. Food to put essential energy and vitamins back in your body. Fish, bugs, crabs and reptiles are some of the best food sources. It is extremely important to cook the food properly (over cook is better than under cook). The average person can survive 2 to 3 weeks without food.

I trust that these tips will come in handy if ever you find yourself in a desperate survival situation. But for detailed survival tips and techniques you study books like “The SAS Survival Guide”

By: Pavlovski

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product of choice for a father & son team

Over the years the Jamieson’s have come to learn how important it is to know that you have products at hand that you can always rely. And just as important is to always have good oils, cleaning and caring products at hand to maintain all they use in their adventurous endeavors.

The United States and Germany are probably the two countries best known for manufacturing long lasting quality tools that always produce the desired results. The Jamiesons have used and still uses quality products from various manufacturers but have fallen in love with the products manufactured by WÜRTH. These products include safety gloves, carpet knives, wire strippers, wrenches, sockets, spanners, wire cutters, pliers, scissors, brake cleaner, super glue, leather care products, silicon spray, lubrication sprays, industrial cleaner, hand cleaner and car shampoo to name a few. One of the aspects that makes the WÜRTH tools particularly desirable for us, is the lifetime warranty that it carries and that goes a long way in proving a manufacturers faith in the products they produce.



We’ve been amiably surprised by the quality of all their products and the sheer range of it all. These guys literally cater for everything!! Whatever tool you need, they have it. Whatever spray, paste, lubricant or care product you need, these guys have it. This is German precision quality engineering at its best and in our eyes, we have yet to come across a product range that comes close enough to compare it with.


We’ve used their specific products and tools for motorcycle and vehicle maintenance and repair, for home improvement and for DIY tasks, cause only products from the market leader in fastening and assembly is good enough for the things we care for. We can rant on and on about the quality and brilliance of the WÜRTH product range but unless you invest in one of their products and have a life changing experience you will not fully comprehend what the big fuss is all about.




If like us, your first choice is always to go for the best product on the market that caters for your specific need, than you should look no further than WÜRTH. So go and invest in a company that caters for all your exact needs, you will never again use anything but WÜRTH for all DIY, maintenance and repair tasks.



We strongly recommend the products of WÜRTH to those who only desire the best. or

By: James & Hector Jamieson

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