GS Steelworks

GS Steelworks

Approximately two months ago I heard about a motorcycle workshop named GS Steelworks situated in Benoni, Gauteng. This is a shop that gives first class service and has valuable interaction with their clients.


Having a deep passion for my trustworthy BMW R1150GS motorcycle and finding it very relaxing servicing it myself, the ideal would be to go to a workshop where I can learn the things I don’t know yet from an experienced motorcycle technician. And that is exactly what I found at this family business. Andrew allowed me to look on and even lend a hand while he was doing what he needed to do on the motorcycle. His eldest son also jumped in and like his dad worked with effective precision according to “the book”, with his younger brother running about and playing mechanic on his own pit-bike. Andrew’s wife was a wonderful hostess, who immediately let us feel right at home, with a good cup of coffee and real biker music playing in the background.


The workshop is clean and well organised with everything in its place, simply an aspect that shows that the workshop is run by the best experts in the business.


With a sound mind I will recommend GS Steelworks to any motorcyclist who only wants the best technician working on his/her motorcycle.



By: Hector Jamieson

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