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Phillips X-treme Vision

Philips lighting has a wide range of automotive lighting options in the form of various headlight globes, LED Park light, globes and interior lights. Let’s have a look at my three favourite globe options.

  • Diamond Vision – these 12V 55W globes produces a white “xenon-like” light. At 5000k it is however not “E” rated and thus might not be legal for road use. It generates an extremely bright light that will give good visibility to the user. The blue coating of the bulb/globe is what produces the intense white light.  dv
  • Crystal Vision –  these 12V 55W globes gives the brilliant blue/white look of HID. Shining at 4000k I doubt that there is any halogen that is whiter. In my opinion, it’s not really that they shine further as much as they shine brighter and marginally wider than standard globes


  • X-treme Vision – these 12V 55W globes produce a less yellow light than standard globes but a obvious much brighter light shining at 3700k. It will shine light up to 45meters further than standard globes and up to 30 meters wider. These globes can deliver up to an astounding 130% more light and are 100% DOT compliant!!


These lights require no modification to the wiring or headlight casing/housing. They install the exact same way as any other halogen headlight. These 3 versions of Philips globes are suited for any vehicle or motorcycle and is available from your nearest retailer in H1, H4, H7 and H7 guise.


My personal favourite and the globe I currently use in my vehicle as well as my motorcycle is the X-treme vision. This is because I was not looking for a whiter or brighter light but rather a globe that will give me a better field of vision, shining brighter, further and wider than the stock globes. In my opinion the xtreme vision produces a relatively whiter light or less yellow like light than the standard globes. However I do believe that the reflective surface of the headlight housing plays a significant role in the effectiveness of the globe, but regardless the afore mentioned you will most certainly enjoy a noticeable better light from your vehicle or motorcycle’s headlights with Philips X-treme Vision Globes.


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By: Hector Jamieson

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