WÜRTH Injector Cure

Well, the name says it all…..over the years I’ve experimented with various products on the market that claims to clean the entire fuel system top to bottom. Instead of putting on a white coat and safety goggles for a scientific lab test, I opted for a proper scientifically approved method……Helmet, leather jacket and my bike. I precisely chuck in the tank the required amount of juices & cleaner, pop the ignition and twist the throttle for the open road & daily commute. This precise method of testing brought me the conclusion that most of these products probably clean the fuel system but not so much that I notice an improvement in performance or fuel consumption.

That was until I discovered a product by German company, WÜRTH called Injector Cure. On the bottle they claim a lot of awesome stuff that I simply needed to verify for myself. One of the major pro’s with this product was the value for money aspect…..a bottle of 330ml Injector Cure will treat a 100Litres of fuel. That’s about 5 to 7 tanks of petrol on your average bike. So applying my tried and tested scientific testing I used the product over a period of one month, with….well….surprising results. My BMW motorcycle definitely sounded different, a sign of the bike running cleaner and I noticed a tiny bit of more grunt on pull away and under hard acceleration. My conclusion is, that if this is the differences I feel on the bike, it most certainly does what it says on the bottle. In all seriousness now, I do believe that using this product at service intervals will help fuel lines and pumps to last longer and keep your tank free of any unwanted muck (stuff that shouldn’t be there). Similar results were achieved after working a bottle of the “good-stuff” through the family MPV’s fuel system.

So what does WÜRTH Injector Cure do for your bike?

  • SABS tested & approved for all types of petrol injection engines
  • Removes residue responsible for increased fuel consumption & reduced performance
  • Enhances smooth running & performance
  • Helps lower engine emissions
  • Cleans the whole fuel system, restoring optimum fuel flow
  • Prevents corrosion of the fuel tank & entire fuel system
  • Can be used at service intervals or as preventativelyInjector Cure_1

By: Pavlovski

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